Who Is The Editing Muse?

I offer editorial and content services for authors and creatives looking for a personal investment from their editor. I specialize in story, structure, and voice. I only work with writers and material I connect with to ensure I am emotionally invested in every project.

My Services

All rates dependent on complexity, length, deadlines, and which level of editing you desire. I am happy to give a free sample of my skills on the first 2000 words of your manuscript for your consideration. Before I accept or bid on any project, I would like to read the first chapter to make sure I am the correct fit for your creation. NDA’s are fine.


Proofreading is the last run-through to catch problems with grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I am a fresh set of eyes to check for cosmetic errors. Proofreading does not include re-working text or re-arranging content, like copy editing.


I will make sure your manuscript is grammatically correct, free of inconsistencies, and your storytelling style flows well. Copy editing is about improving style, formatting, and accuracy to showcase the tale’s excellence. Light copy editing consists of double-checking accuracy and taking care of most grammatical issues. Medium copy editing includes tweaking flow and some minor re-working of the text. Heavy copy editing is restructuring some paragraphs or heavy corrections with the style, flow, and grammar.


Content editing is much more intensive than copy editing. To maintain accuracy and integrity of the story and style, new content might need to be added, sections of content might need to be re-written, and/or large portions of paragraphs or pages might need to be rearranged.

For the past 10 years I served as an in-house editor for a few select writers and many of those works required a signed NDA.
Kris Hulbert

Kris Hulbert


"Andrea is more than a skilled and knowledgable editor, she is a lover of great literature and it shows in her detailed feedback. If you're lucky enough to work with her, it's because she see's something in your work and she wants to help you realize your full potential as Writer."

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