Finding the right editor can be a harrowing experience, the Editing Muse can make it easier.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were clues an editor is not for you before you spend your hard earned money and weeks of patience?  After hearing horror stories of writers who weren’t ready for an editor or professional incompetence by editors, a few consistent red flags always appeared before the disappointment. If any of these happen to you, keep looking for a better fit:

1. The editor quotes a rate before reviewing your material.

Blind quotes come from people who value quantity of jobs over the quality of work they provide. A good editor will ask to review at least 5 pages in order to learn how much assistance you will be needing and give you a fair quote.

2. Full payment required upfront before they even read your work.

Even with a service contract, one can’t be positive that an independent contractor will complete the work to satisfaction and on the agreed upon timeline.  A professional standard would be a partial payment at either the beginning or halfway point and the rest of the contracted rate on completion. If an upfront payment is required, the editor hasn’t performed up to expectations and has been previously denied final payment.

3. Contact requests are not answered for over 48 hours.

You finally found an excellent fit for your writing, so you fill out the website’s Contact Request form.  Excitement mounts as you await the reply, but then disappointment abounds as the hours turn into days. Don’t waste your time or energy waiting or making multiple requests for their attention.  If a proofreader/copy editor/ content editor doesn’t make his own business a priority, your writing won’t be a priority either.

4. You spot typos on their website.

If you come across any of these red flags, keep searching.  

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